Capture the most important stories of your life
with remarkable photos by Pamela Einarsen


Personal Branding

Tell your story in photos that grow your audience and engage your customers. Whether you’re a coach, online entrepreneur, influencer or speaker, beautiful, professional photography will elevate your brand. 

A customized photo session will bring every aspect of your brand to life. Together we create a visual version of your branding message while giving you an experience that will leave you feeling great! Your library of images will be personal, unique and fresh, drawing clients in and giving them a reason to choose YOU. 

We can’t wait to bring your story to life! 


Capture the life of your party.

I think parties are performance art. 

We call Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day the "get together" time of the year. It's when the weather finally draws us outside for barbecues and picnics. Old friends and distant relatives come to celebrate graduations, weddings and milestone birthdays. Or, hey, we just opened up the summer house and want to throw a party.

Whatever the reason, be sure to capture all the fun and energy of your special gatherings with pictures that include and feature everyone. The kids who have grown up another year. Your old friend who drove 4 hours to be here. The grandparents and toddlers all together. There are so many wonderful moments to experience, how can you enjoy it all?


For almost 20 years I’ve created portrait collections for families like yours. At home. At the beach. On vacation. Celebrating a milestone event. Or at a gathering of far-flung families to a once-in-a-while rendezvous. I love the energy of people and the wonderful pictures that we create together. To me, each family portrait session is surrounded by a story waiting to be told. 

I would love to tell your story and create a collection of photos that will always connect you to this time in your family’s journey. These are the good old days and they deserve to be remembered in beautiful wall prints and books.