Capture the most important TIMES of your life

People’s stories. I see everything as part of this whole big story that is your life. I want to capture that in my photos so you can feel what you were feeling all over again. What just happened. What is going to happen. The way you were. People think that photography is a visual medium, but it's really an emotional medium. 

- Pamela Einarsen


Personal Branding|express yourself

You are launching something new. Putting yourself out there. Maybe starting a new business, getting back in the work force, or taking on a cause. I love that. People are amazing and they do amazing things. Sometimes they can’t see how amazing they really are, but I can.

I love personal branding photography because it changes people’s lives. I want to help you express yourself so that everyone can see how amazing you are too. The images you post online and deliver in your marketing may be the first and only way your true audience will see you. Great photos, posted regularly, can create a brand identity that is personal, unique, fresh and engaging.

My customized photo session will bring every aspect of your personal brand to life. Together we create a visual version of your branding message while giving you an experience that will leave you feeling great!


Celebrations|all together now

I think celebrations are performance art. You set the stage and people come to play their part in your story. It’s energetic. It’s touching. It’s all about connections. And it will never happen just this way again. Don’t you want to hold onto that forever? I know I do.

Every celebration is special in it’s own way and in over 20 years, I’ve learned how to see that. It can be an extended family gathering at the beach or a 70th birthday party in a museum. An intimate 2nd time around wedding for a loving couple in their home or a full-on bat mitzvah celebration. Every event is as special to me as I know it is to you. My gift is to see the moments that make it so unique and memorable and keep your celebration alive forever in photos.


Family|these are the good old days

Those songs are right. One moment they can barely stand. Then suddenly they want to use the car. Or go hiking in Spain. With Rolf. All you have left are the pictures.

For almost 20 years I’ve created portrait collections for families like yours. So that these times never fade away. At home. At the beach. Baking cookies. Playing with the dog. This is the good stuff. The story you create every day. It may seem unremarkable in the moment, but is so special to look back when that chapter is over and you’ve started another one. I hear it every day.

Family portraits are the only thing guaranteed to appreciate in value. Because one day, your kids will ask what they were like as kids. And you can show them.