Pictures for the Pound

On Saturday, May 1st, I'm doing a benefit pet portrait shoot at Earth Animal in Westport. All proceeds from the shoot will go to Westport Animal Shelter Advocates to help support the Westport Animal Control Shelter. These are some pictures I took while visiting the shelter.

The Westport Animal Shelter was just renovated on the inside. Now the need is for outdoor runs for each of the dogs. Officer D'Amico runs the shelter along with Kathleen, the assistant.   A group, Westport Animal Shelter Advocates (WASA), has rallied to the support of the shelter and works on projects to raise funds and provide volunteers who come to walk the dogs and create a community of caring.The Westport Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter so dogs can remain for a while. Loretta has been at the Shelter for four years.

Another coolcustomer is this Staffordshire terrier/boxer mix who is happy, wags her tail a lot and seems to smile. Her name is Ellie and she loves everyone. Ellie looks a lot like our dog, Boomer. Their faces seem to say, "I understand."

The benefit Pet portrait event will take place from 10 am to 4 pm at Earth Animal, 606 Post Road East, in Westport.